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Saturday, October 22, 2016
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  • 18 mins ago
    Pawn Stars

    Season 10 Episode 41: Mini Rick

    A Civil War-era broadside is brought in; Rick checks out a 1947 fully restored Wurlitzer jukebox; Rick gets frustrated when Chumlee brings a kid into the pawnshop.

  • in 12 mins
    Pawn Stars

    Season 10 Episode 38: Game Over

    A hovercraft zooms into the shop; Corey checks out a set of 1960s The Beatles bobble-heads; a new arcade game gets bought by the shop, and Rick lets the guys plug it in.

  • 10:01pm
    Pawn Stars

    Season 11 Episode 1: Trading Up

    Rick and Chumlee are drawn to an original 'Rocky and Bullwinkle Show' sketch; Rick inspects a possible first edition of Richard Nixon's memoirs; Chumlee tries his hand at wheeling and dealing.

  • 10:32pm
    Pawn Stars

    Season 10 Episode 36: Off to the Races

    The book 'The Big Bonanza' comes into the shop; an ancient Tibetan door comes in; the guys decide to find out who's the better driver when Corey gets a ticket.

  • 11:03pm
    Pawn Stars

    Season 10 Episode 9: Go for Chum

    Rick haggles for a moonshine still, a collection of 1940s and '50s autographed postcards, Chumlee is making phone calls during work.

  • 11:33pm
    Pawn Stars

    Season 10 Episode 11: Bo Knows

    Rick haggles for an etching by Pablo Picasso, Corey and Chumlee deal for a bat signed by Bo Jackson, Chum is the first to join Rick's new book club.