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Friday, July 31, 2015
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    The First 48

    Season 12 Episode 35: Massacre in Little Haiti; Exposed

    Miami police detectives hope the two survivors of a corner-store massacre can identify the shooter who killed two others; a Cleveland man is found strangled in his apartment.

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    Cindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty

    Discover Cindy Crawford's secret to youthful, radiant skin. At age 41, learn how Cindy's skin stays smooth and flawless! Meet Cindy's beauty guru, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, Europe's premier cosmetic dermatologist and creator of the Meaningful Beauty line.

  • 6:30am

    Hoover reinvents the vacuum

    No more hassles with bulky, heavy corded vacuums. Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom of a powerful cordless vacuum with the convenience of a lift-off.

  • 7:00am
    Parking Wars

    Season 5 Episode 10: EPISODE: 10

    A woman tracks down her stolen car, while Ponytail faces the rage of a Detroit taxi driver

  • 7:30am
    Parking Wars

    Season 6 Episode 20: EPISODE: 20

    Ponytail tickets two guys parked on the sidewalk for a prayer meeting; a bad haircut leaves Johnny bald, but brings him good luck; Debbie plays a cat-and-mouse game with a crafty construction worker.

  • 8:00am
    Parking Wars

    Season 5 Episode 2: EPISODE: 2

    A furious mother and her son cause chaos when they barge their way to the front of the queue at the car park

  • 8:30am
    Dog the Bounty Hunter

    Season 4 Episode 12: The Smackdown of Baby Lyssa

    The team attempt to apprehend a man who threatened his pregnant co-signer, which leads to a dangerous situation for one of the crew

  • 9:00am
    Dog the Bounty Hunter

    Season 8 Episode 16: Ties That Bind

    With Duane Lee back in the fold, the Chapman clan heads out for the seedier side of Honolulu in search of an erotic dancer

  • 9:30am
    Dog the Bounty Hunter

    Season 8 Episode 14: Fight Like a Girl

    In a case that hits close to home, Dog seeks out Kali's rough-and-tumble cousin; Baby Lyssa steps in for the unavailable Duane Lee.

  • 10:00am
    Dog the Bounty Hunter

    Season 8 Episode 4: Tears for Fears

    Lyssa wakes up to find herself in jail with no recollection of how she got there. While the media jumps on the news of her arrest, she decides to make the best of it by befriending a young woman suffering from a severe drug addiction and trying to help her live a better life

  • 11:00am
    The First 48

    Season 10 Episode 24: Silent Rage; Tainted Love

    Detectives investigate the shooting of a bus driver and mother on Easter Sunday, while a deputy takes on the murder of a young father

  • 12:00pm
    The First 48

    Season 4 Episode 6: The Boogie Man; Murder on Flowering Peach

    A body in the remains of a car; a home invasion leaves a man dead.

  • 1:00pm
    The First 48

    Season 10 Episode 19, Part 2: Trail of Evidence

    A Texas lawman follows clues in the case of a man found stabbed to death in his apartment.

  • 1:30pm

    Four Brothers

    Revenge thriller, starring Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund as four adoptive brothers reunited when their mother is killed in a robbery. Determined to get payback on the murderers, they soon discover the apparently random crime is more complex than it appears, involving crooked cops and a notorious local gang boss. Also starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Josh Charles.

  • 3:30pm


    Blockbusting Western telling the story of famous gunslinger Wyatt Earp, played by a moustachioed Kurt Russell, whose move to Dodge City to retire from law enforcement does not go according to plan. He is drawn into a conflict with the local cowboys, and events culminate in the legendary gunfight at the OK Corral. Val Kilmer steals the film as Earp's loyal sidekick Doc Holliday, with Bill Paxton, Sam Elliott, Michael Biehn and Charlton Heston

  • 6:00pm
    Criminal Minds

    Season 4 Episode 20: Conflicted

    The team travels to Texas to search for a serial killer who has begun targeting students on spring break, and uncovers the perpetrator's traumatic history of childhood abuse. Crime drama, starring Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore

  • 7:00pm
    Criminal Minds

    Season 5 Episode 21: Exit Wounds

    Garcia travels to Alaska to assist the BAU team in the investigation of a small fishing town's first-ever murders. Crime drama, starring Kirsten Vangsness

  • 8:00pm
    Criminal Minds

    Season 6 Episode 13: The Thirteenth Step

    The BAU tries top stop the killing spree of a young couple who met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The pair ignored the crucial 13th step of resisting intimate relationships with recovering patients and set out on a drunken massacre. Guest starring Adrianne Palicki and Jonathan Tucker

  • 9:00pm
    Criminal Minds

    Season 6 Episode 14: Sense Memory

    The team sets out to find a murderous taxi driver with an acute sense of smell who targets women with a strong natural scent, dumping their bodies with a square of skin removed from their feet. Meanwhile, Prentiss becomes the victim of unwanted attention when someone leaves a strange box on her doorstep

  • 10:00pm
    Criminal Minds

    Season 6 Episode 15: Today I Do

    A woman's disappearance from a car park bears the hallmarks of a previous case in which the victim was killed 36 hours after being reported missing. The agents must work quickly to prevent the same thing happening again and their investigation leads them to uncover strange rituals and an unidentified subject with terrifying attachment issues

  • 11:01pm
    Criminal Minds

    Season 6 Episode 16: Coda

    An autistic child is discovered splattered with blood, and the investigation reveals that someone must have shot his father and abducted his mother. Morgan and the team set about tracking down the missing parents, but only have the child's vague clues and inside information from his aunt to go on. Guest starring Romy Rosemont (Glee)