Steve Lantvit

Steve Lantvit

2016, Horses
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Episode Guide

  • Steve Lantvit - Moving up to One Handed Riding (Episode 76)
    Episode 76:

    Moving up to One Handed Riding

    Steve takes a young horse and starts to teach the basics of a true neck rein; starting off on the right foot makes it easier down the road.

  • Steve Lantvit - Bits and How They Work (Episode 75)
    Episode 75:

    Bits and How They Work

    Steve pulls back the veil of mystery on bits and how they work; how to pick out a bit that will make training better for you and your horses.

  • Steve Lantvit - Focused Horse vs. Daydreamer (Episode 70)
    Episode 70:

    Focused Horse vs. Daydreamer

    Steve teaches a rider how to use collection as a way to focus the horse's attention on the rider not the world around him.